Meet the Band

 Formed by two friends who share the same admiration and vision for music and event organisation. A DJ duo whose passion for music transpired through the conventionality of their corporate day jobs and finally motivated their need to express their artistic and musical qualities enough to create Peking Opera. A live performance act that not only focuses on quality of sound and delivery but seeks to put together an epic and unforgettable performance for onlookers to delve into the music and share the experience with both visually and aurally.
 Their sets are inspired by a wide spectrum of influences, from Disco to Techno, from Todd Terje and DJ Koze to Stephan Bodzin and Four Tet. The duo share a profound love for solid melodies and hooks, modulation, chord progressions and detailed bass lines which fuel their sets. Peking Opera refuse to be constrained by the boundaries of any genre, instead they simply aim to be defined as the mezzanine between overground and underground music.
 Peking Opera is a musical act, much like the Chinese Opera from which the name stems from. The duo seamlessly blend and incorporate different styles of music keeping the audience’s ears wandering. They are performers who do not solely rely on the sound aspect of their act but try to make it as interactive as possible to grasp the audience’s attention to its fullest capacity. Taking to the stage with a wealth of instruments that they have mastered, onlookers are able to link sound to sight never which takes them on the most epic musical journey.
 Peking Opera are one of the most recent additions to the music scene in Bangkok but have already made quite the impression on music lovers with the debut of their live set at Kolour Live in July 1017 and again in February 2018 at Kolour in the Park. These performances were quickly followed up by invitations to perform at some of Bangkok’s most notable venues including VIOLETT, BEAM, Whiteline, Mustache Bangkok and De Commune. What grasps the audience’s attention during their performances is the extremely musical and melodic flair of their sets. Audience interaction has become a key factor in their track preparation and selection through their experience as both DJs and as listeners in an audience. For this to work, Peking Opera have embodied an unusual but formidable perspective on their choice of music. The core of their sets is their sensitivity to music, basing every song selection on the feeling evoked by the track rather than by music genres and method. This unique take to music reinforces audience engagement and, teamed with the fine and important balance they hold between visual and aural stimulation, allows their sounds and sets to truly come to life. Their punchy, positive and intense energy is a force to be reckoned with.
Peking Opera is directed by Jean-Christophe Champalaune and Melvin La Salle-Poujoulat.